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Think of the simple pleasures in life. Brunch with friends, a family dinner, a hot drink on a cold day, a good laugh, a good meal… So many of these simple pleasures revolve around our senses. Particularly, our sense of smell and taste. We enjoy stimulating these senses with different flavors and aromas. We are deeply gratified by the flavors we like and stimulated by novel ones. The act of enjoying flavors is as old as, well, the human race. Older in fact. At VanGo, we call this: flaving. And flaving is at the heart of what we do.

Every e-juice we make, we make to flave. What this means is we design our juices for maximum enjoyment, with maximum flavor. Our mission is to make every drop as good as a bite of your favorite dessert, a sip of your favorite coffee, a nibble of your favorite candy or a swig of your favorite soda. Our flavors are complex and deeply satisfying. With each inhale and each exhale, they reveal some new layer of deliciousness. We take taste to the next level. This is what it means to flave.

When you choose VanGo, you’re not vaping anymore, you are flaving. So, what’s the difference? Flaving is vaping sure, but it is about so much more than just getting your nicotine fix. When we say flaving, we’re talking about vaping for the pure pleasure of experiencing flavors. It’s about satisfying your tongue with rich, multi-layered sensations. It’s about tasting your liquids, feeling them, sensing them. It’s about the overarching experience that vaping a VanGo juice provides.

Flaving is so much more than just vaping, and at VanGo, we are so much more than just vape juice makers. We are experience seekers, flavor innovators, entrepreneurs and vape connoisseurs at heart! Vaping may be our game, but flaving is its name.

Want to learn more about flaving? Visit startflaving.com and join the movement!

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