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Vaping Myths

Vaping Myths

The popularity of vaping is constantly on the rise, but this has led to more urban myths that can scare a lot of people considering making the switch to an e-cigarette. There’s a lot of incorrect information out there surrounding vaping, so let’s take a look at the top 10 myths, de-bunk them and reassure those thinking about trying out vaping.

1. “Vaping will give you popcorn lung”

Popcorn lung was the term given to the lung condition that a small number of factory workers developed in a popcorn factory due to being exposed to elevated levels of diacetyl. The argument is that some e-liquid flavours such as custard contain diacetyl, and this makes them harmful, however it was proven that it would take a vast amount, as there was present in the factories to have a profound effect.

2. “Vaping is just as harmful as cigarettes”

Hardly anything is 100% safe, but studies show that e-cigarettes are substantially safer than traditional cigarettes. The nicotine in e-liquid is addictive but e-cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide which are just two of the most harmful elements produced from smoking cigarettes. Public Health England have conducted studies and from this have concluded that “E-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoked tobacco and they can help smokers quit.”

3. “Passive vaping is harmful to others”

Again, there’s no harmful elements in the vapour from e-cigarettes produced like there is in traditional cigarettes. Tests in non-ventilated vape shops have also been carried out and concluded that there was nothing from the vapour and in the air, that was dangerous to others.

4. “E-cigarettes can explode”

The many headlines in the media about exploding e-cigs are almost universally related to improper use or storage of a battery. Carrying loose batteries in a pocket or bag is a big no, no. Just be sure to take care like you would with any other electrical items or lithium batteries and if you’re following the battery safety guidelines set by the manufacturer and use the device in the correct way this will not be an issue. You can view our safety guidelines for vape batteries here.

5. “Vaping is more addictive than smoking”

Many considering vaping believe that they will end up more addicted to nicotine than they would smoking. However, studies have shown that the nicotine delivery of an e-cig is actually less than a traditional cigarette, even when using the highest 18mg nicotine strength available in e-liquids. In fact, many JAC customers use e-cigs as a method of progressively reducing their nicotine intake before quitting completely.

6. “Vaping does not help people quit smoking”

This one is one of the craziest myths as there is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that using an e-cigarette has helped a lot of people in kicking the habit. Public Health England themselves have said that “an estimated 2.9 million adults in Great Britain currently use e-cigarettes and of these, 1.5 million people have completely stopped smoking.” E-cigarettes are now part of this year’s stop smoking campaign by PHE.

7. “Vaping is just for cloud chasers”

A lot of people have the idea that vaping is all about producing massive plumes of vapour, when in fact the reality is that people mainly use e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking and for no other reason than this. Ok, so you will see that guy walking down the street vaping with huge clouds behind him, but this is because of the set-up he has and that’s his preference. When you start vaping you can choose a set up that is discreet or more powerful depending on what your personal needs are. If you’re not sure where to get started, contact the knowledgeable customer service team at VanGo Vapes and they will be sure to recommend a device that’s suitable for you.

8. “E-cigarettes encourage young people to smoke”

With all the different sweet e-liquid flavours available in the industry many people argue that this entices younger people to vape and then get into smoking. However, repeated surveys have shown only a negligible uptake among never-smokers, including young people. Smoking rates have also continued to decline amongst younger people and Public Health England are continually monitoring this. Furthermore, just like with tobacco, vape vendors also will challenge a purchaser’s age if they believe that they are under 18.

9. “E-liquid contains anti-freeze”

Anti-freeze contains the ingredient PG (Propylene Glycol) which is also used in e-liquids, so this is where the confusion comes from with this myth. PG is in fact added to anti-freeze to make it non-toxic. E-liquid itself does not contain anti-freeze and again the ingredients are regulated by TPD, so no need to be concerned that you are inhaling toxins like you would with cigarettes.

10. “Vaping is more expensive than cigarettes”

Initial set up costs of an e-cigarette are more than a pack of cigarettes, but once you are set up with a device you only need to purchase coils/cartomizers and the e-liquid to keep going. The equivalent amount of e-liquid costs a fraction to a pack of cigarettes and you will be sure to notice those extra pennies in your pocket over time, as well as feeling the health benefits.

To conclude, nothing is 100% safe, but studies have now shown that switching to vaping is 95% safer than smoking, so why not give vaping a go?