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Vaping Terms

Vaping Terms

adjustable airflow

Air needs to flow through the atomizer in an effective manner for vapor to be made and then to be inhaled into your lungs. For this reason, every atomizer needs an efficient porting mechanism that allows for this flow, and many of the devices used today include an adjustable airflow. With an adjustable airflow, you can modify the amount of air that flows through the atomizer, which makes it much easier for you to inhale the vapor, and which also produces an increased amount of vapor. Adjustable airflows typically work with a type of rotating sleeve that allows for easy and convenient adjustment.


You need to know what an atomizer is because this is the most crucial component of your vaporizer. Typically, an atomizer consists out of a tube that is small and which includes a coil. Whenever you activate the power that feeds the coil it heats up, in turn producing vapor out of the e-liquid in the container. There is usually some cotton wrapped around the coil which helps to absorb the juice and aids in vaporizing the e-liquid.


You can choose from two types of vaporizers: some come with a built-in battery, which cannot be changed, and others come with removable batteries. Vaporizers with built-in batteries will typically come with a charging cable so you can recharge your device when you need to. On the other hand, some vaporizers come with removable batteries which you can buy separately and simply swap out when you need to, with no need to worry about recharging.

Pay attention to the battery rating, because you want your battery to last sufficiently long for you to avoid the need to recharge or replace it too frequently. A battery rating is usually indicated in milliamp hours or mAh. Higher rated batteries will simply last longer, so keep this factor in mind when you shop around. Another factor you should watch is the amperage rating as this determines whether a battery is compatible with a particular MOD, with batteries ranging from 10A (amps) up to 35A.

box mods

Box mods make it easier to enjoy advanced vaporizer features without doing too much tinkering yourself. You can find box mods in the shape of a box or a cylindrical both of which allows varying features, including the addition of batteries, setting of variable voltage and wattage and even a supplementary tank. Beware that a box mod is not compact and may detract from the elegance of a smaller device. The functionality you enjoy in a box mod is in part determined by which chipset the box mod employs, some of which can allow very fine calibration of vaping variables.


If your e-cig doesn’t use a tank, it will use a cartridge (also called a pod) which is attached to the mouthpiece, and which houses the e-liquid. Cartridges are disposable and can easily be swapped for different flavors.


Some cartridges combine the liquid container and the actual atomizer, these are known as cartomizers. Instead of holding on to the atomizer part as a durable item, you can make use of a disposable cartomizer if you prefer the convenience. The combined device both holds the liquid and vaporizes it.


If were wondering what they key component of your vaporizer is, it is this: the coil. A coil typically consists out of a compact tube which contains two leads, one negative, one positive, effectively making contact to the battery on the one side while on the other side making contact with the e-liquid.

Coils are also known as the atomizer head and are wrapped so that resistance can be raised and lowered. As the number of wraps increases, the resistance increases – fewer wraps and the resistance is lower which allows for increased wattage use. You can choose from a range of materials including Kanthal, Ni200 which is made of nickel and stainless steel.


Compared to your atomizer automatically rationing the e-liquid for you, dripping can be described as a manual method where you manually drip e-liquid into your device. It offers you increased control over how e-liquid is used and can result in thicker smoke which is more flavorful. However, incorrect use of dripping can expose users to large doses of nicotine so it is a technique that should be used by more experienced vapers only. Dripping typically requires that you manually assemble a coil including the cotton, with priming also required.


Vaporizers come in many different shapes and forms, but the type many people will recognize is the vaporizer that very closely resembles a cigarette: the e-cigarette also known as the e-cig. E-cigarettes contain all the essential components of a vaporizer in a slim, compact form factor including the Liquid tank and atomizer.


E-liquid is what fuels your vaporizer, and every e-liquid typically contains a blend of nicotine, chemical compounds to transfer the nicotine and flavorings. Your e-liquid is converted into vapor, and the type of e-liquid you choose has a big effect on what your vaping will taste like to you. You also have a choice of nicotine strengths when you pick an e-liquid.


Many people use vaporizers or e-cigarettes which are made industrially on a manufacturing line, but some people prefer to use a custom kit or to build their own vaporizers. These are called mods, and mods generally offer additional features which help you customize your vaping experience.

Propylene glycol

Nicotine needs a delivery mechanism, and one of the two basic liquids which help nicotine reach your body through the vaping process is propylene glycol, also known as PG. Propylene glycol is used to transfer many different substances and is deemed to be safe for human use. In practice, you will also find propylene glycol in inhalants used in medicine, including those for asthma users, amongst
other treatments. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to propylene glycol but this is rarely dangerous, with only a throat the feels scratchy as the main side-effect.


In the world of custom vaporizers, there are two types of devices that are particularly interesting, one being the rebuildable tank or RTA and the second being RBAs or rebuildable drippers. For both of these, the user can disassemble the vaporizer into its component parts, maintain it including changing the coil if necessary, and re-assemble the vaporizer. Instead of regularly disposing of your vaporizer, RTAs and RBAs are made to be reusable and will last a for a very long period of vaping if you maintain the components parts correctly. The main difference between the two lies in the fact that RTAs have a large tank, whereas an RBA has a smaller tank for dripping.

sub-ohm vaping

This technical sounding term also has a simple technical definition: it involves any vaping where the atomizer coils have a resistance that is lower than 1 ohm. In turn, what that means in practice is that you get more vapor out of your device because the resistance of the coil is lower. Some people also think that sub-ohm vaping produces more flavor, while others simply like seeing a room filling with vapor. It is worth noting that sub-ohm vaping should be done with great care as it can put stress on your device, and there is also a risk of personal injury. It is not a vaping for beginners approach by any means.

temperature control

The temperature of your coil affects a number of aspects of the vaping experience, including the quantity of vapor which is produced as well as the taste of your vape. For this reason, many companies which make the more advanced vaporizers choose to include temperature controls, so you can manually change the heat settings of your device. Keep in mind that the heat setting of your coil will interact with the other features of your device, including the type of e-liquid you are using. Some advanced vaporizers come with pre-set temperature settings made to match, for example, a choice of nickel or titanium wiring.


This is a simple one: vapor refers to the gassy cloud that is emitted from your vaping device.

vegetable glycerin

One of the two materials in e-liquid that function as a base for nicotine, vegetable glycerin can be considered the second one. Also known as VG it is made mainly of plant oils, it can often have a sweet taste. There are benefits to using vegetable glycerin over propylene glycol, it is in part reputed to produce less of a throat hit than propylene glycol. For this reason, it is increasingly mixed into blends, with “Max VG” blends getting increasingly popular.